Bybit API Creation & Connection

Generate API Keys

Please keep in mind that this step will be different for every crypto exchange. We're showing Bybit as an example.

1. Go to Bybit and login into your account

2. Click your avatar image and select "API"

3. Click "Understood" button

Keep in mind that your API keys will be shown once and you won't be able to see them again in Bybit panel.

4. Click "Create New Key"

5. Click "Create New Key"

1. Create Api Keys Name

2. Select Api Key permissions like on picture: - Read-Write - Contract - Orders - Contract - Postions - Ip Access - All IPs

3. Click "Submit" Button to save your Api Keys

You'll see box with your generated API Keys

Keep in mind that when you'll close this popup, you won't be able to see your keys again in Bybit panel and if you'll forget it you will have to generate new keys.

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